"Necessity Is The Mother Of All Inventions"  

The Greek philosopher Plato coined this phrase thousands of years ago to describe the way many new ideas are introduced to the world. 

My name is Bill Cirmo and I invented the BIBO Survival and Outdoor Adventure Trailers. As a matter of fact, I was awarded a U.S. Patent for the design.

Many aspects of my life have kindled my interest in outdoor adventure and a desire to participate in the world of Preparedness and Self-Reliance.

I spent many years in the mountains of New England. Weekend hunting, fishing, mountain climbing and hiking trips in all types of weather showed me that "Prior Planning Prevents Poor performance" was not just a slogan.

My passion for the ocean aquatic environment developed into a career as a Master Scuba Instructor for the PADI and NAUI education systems and as a US Coast Guard Master Captain operating a charter diving vessel on the waters of Florida and the Bahamas.

The survival training I received while qualifying as a Combat Pilot for the US Navy was the best in the world. Navy Special Forces Instructors taught me the knowledge and skills required to physically survive, and, participation in the US Navy S.E.R.E. school training program gave me the metal toughness to adapt and overcome any adversity.

The Sportsman and Camper Models were designed out of my desire to provide an easy and affordable method for transporting the basic necessities required in a base camp and still allow enough capacity to bring along equipment and supplies for any activity.

The BIBO Survival trailer was designed when I was developing a plan that would allow my family to survive any emergency or disaster.  I realized that many of these plans put forth by FEMA and other government agencies were not appropriate for elderly couples or families that included beloved pets or small children and that the majority of the equipment available was woefully inadequate.

The BIBO Survival Trailer was designed to fit the needs of every type of prepper.   Whether you plan to stay or leave, whether you are physically able or not, by yourself or part of an extended family, this trailer addressed all aspects of survival.  It provides one-stop shopping and the Peace-of-Mind that comes from knowing that you are prepared for any situation.

The Staff and personnel at BIBO Outfitters Inc are trained professional available and capable of helping you fulfill your prepping needs. Please take the time to explore the site and see how a BIBO Survival and Outdoor Adventure Trailer may help you and your family.