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Standard Features


Enclosed Trailer - 5' width / 10' length / 60" extended tongue
80" Overall Height - will fit in standard residential garage
4 side doors and rear ramp - lock bars and keyed locks
5200# drop axle with electric brakes - tremendous load capacity ​
Rubber Diamond Flooring - slip and skid resistant / waterproof
15" radial tires with spare / front tongue jack with caster wheel
Walk-On Roof with 500 pound Capacity
Rear Ramp with 500 pound Capacity and Leveling Legs
3" tube Frame built with Triple Tube Tongue
Wall Risers 16" on Center with steel exterior - incredible strength
Diamond Plate Front Stone Guard
All Plywood Poly Sealed interior- 3/4" floors - 3/8" walls - 5/8" ceiling
Poly Sealed Walls and Ceiling
LED Lighting - All DOT Required running - 7 pin connection plug
Stabilizer Jacks - all four corners

Removable Roof Rack - All Aluminum Construction

A 30 day supply of Freeze dried and dehydrated food with several options for menu types

The internal storage provides pressurized water for sanitation and decontamination through a hot water shower system. Drinking water is supplied through state-of-the-art filters and distillers.

Faraday Cage protected, EMP proof electrical system provides generated power from solar and wind generators providing A/C and D/C power for charging and operating devices

Propane to operate cook stove, hot water heater, refrigerator, grill and tent heater

Built-in enclosures for shower/restroom, kitchen and refrigerator. All equipment delivered in waterproof buckets with GAMMO screw lids. Gun safe with keyed lock and diamond plate storage boxes

Trauma, Dental and long term Medical kits are the best in the industry

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC)
Full face masks and over clothing sized for each user and decontamination fluids for clean-up

Shower / Restroom

Propane heated, on-demand, hot water shower inside a full enclosure with roof and floor for sanitation and decontamination. Chemical toilet can be used in the full enclosure or partial enclosure

Slide out kitchen with propane stove and grill. Stainless steel cooking and eating dishware. 3-way refrigerator and extreme cooler.