Frequently Asked Questions

Will this trailer fit in a standard garage?
Yes, the trailer total length is 14' and the height is 80"

Can I tow the trailer with my family van or SUV?
The fully loaded BIBO model weighs 3400 lbs and requires a 2" tow ball. Most vans and suv's can handle this load. Check your vehicles operator manual for specifics on the maximum towing load capacity for your vehicle. The electrical plug is a standard 7 pin round and a 4 prong adapter is also supplied

How many users is the trailer equipped to handle?
Can I purchase additional supplies for additional users?

Standard equipment is supplied for 2 adult users. Additional supplies may be purchased in increments of 2 users. Also, child sized equipment is available for addition or substitution

How many users can sleep in the enclosed shelter?
4 users can sleep in the upper tent area and an additional 4 can sleep in the enclosed vestibule

Is the shelter heated?
The shelter and enclosed vestibule is heated by a propane heater rated for interior space use.

What is the average time to deliver?
Average delivery time is 6-7 weeks

Can I order the trailer in different colors?
The trailer exterior comes in white or black

Can I pick up the trailer to avoid shipping fees?
Yes, pickup is at our factory in Jacksonville, FL 32223

What is the load capacity of the trailer?
The trailer has a 5,200 lb maximum load capacity

Does the trailer come with an instruction manual?
Extensive systems and food preparation manuals are included as well as on line and telephone support

‚ÄčWhat is the warranty on this trailer and equipment?

The trailer and components are  warrantied free from manufactoring defect for 1 year