Providing adequate living accommodations for staff personnel is one of the most challenging aspects of mission trip planning.  Staff members living off the economy are exposed to the same environmental  conditions as the population they are serving.  These conditions can cause, at the very least, a reduction in staff efficiency and stamina and may, in the worst case, prove fatal.  Living off the local economy may also restrict staff members from serving the remote areas often in the most need. 

The BIBO Survival Trailer (BST) is the solution.

The BST can be transported in CONUS via truck and to any foreign location in standard shipping containers.

The BST is ready on arrival providing staff members shelter, food, sanitation, medical and dental, security, meal preparation, passive electricity production and clean water production.

The BST can be moved into remote locations without the use of large specialized vehicles.   Once in place it can be moved short distances by hand to avoid localized events.

The BST equipment and supplies can be easily and quickly modified and resupplied to accommodate mission goals.

The operations of the BST requires no special skills or training.  

The availability of the BST may allow the recruitment of new staff members from sources outside the normal area of influence of the mission planners.

Please contact our staff for  information about how the BST can meet your specific requirements

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