Traditional manuals categorize all preppers into 2 types. The Homesteaders type prepper focuses on a Bug-In plan to respond to any crisis event. They stockpile years worth of supplies in rural areas that they feel will be easy to defend against the unprepared survivor. The Survivalist type prepper focuses on a Bug-Out plan to respond to any crisis event. They will throw on a 60lb backpack, grab a rifle and head to the woods to survive off the land.

The Sub(Urban) Prepper does not fit into either of these 2 types. The Sub(Urban) Prepper are preppers that live in, or close too, one of 497 locations designated by the 2010 US Census as Urban Areas. 71% of the American population, or about 210 million people, live in these areas.

Sub(Urban) Preppers are limited by family and jobs from selling everything and moving to a rural farm like the Homesteaders and they also know that their physical conditioning and dependents will not allow the use of the Survivalists plan of walking out of the suburbs.

The Sub(Urban) Prepper understands that the likelihood of a Bug-In plan succeeding in a suburban environment is very remote. They also realize that most Bug-Out plans also do not take into consideration that the Sub(Urban) Prepper is usually mid-aged or older, poorly conditioned and has dependents, such as children, elderly family members or pets, that are solely dependent on them for survival.

A Survival Plan must treat the bug-out / bug-in decision as just an extension of one another. The Sub(Urban) Prepper must simultaneously prepare for both scenarios. This is very confusing and difficult for the prepper to accomplish.

The concept of the BIBO Survival Trailer is based on one premise. If the Sub(Urban) Prepper is prepared to bug-out, then the Sub(Urban) Prepper is prepared to bug-in.

‚ÄčThe Bug-In/Bug-Out (BIBO) Decision is critical for the Sub(Urban) Prepper because this type of prepper will always bug-out by vehicle. These preppers have all heard the horror stories of being stopped in a traffic jam, running out of fuel and vehicle breakdowns, but they have no other choice. The distances and time required to walk out of a sub(urban) environment with dependents will exhaust the carried supplies.

The BIBO Survival Trailer is the PREPPERS LIFEBOAT. Just like the lifeboats on the Titanic, it's not designed to allow the prepper to survive for extended periods, but to get away from the sinking ship.

The BIBO Survival Trailer prepares the prepper for both the Bug-In or Bug-Out option. Regardless of whether the prepper is going to bug-in, bug-out locally or bug-out a thousand miles away, all preppers must have the basics of Food, Water, Shelter, Security, Medical and Communications to survive the aftermath of an event. 

Set up in a driveway, parked by the side of the road or isolated in a field, the BIBO Survival Trailer is truly ready on arrival with no support required from any other facility. Providing instant peace-of-mind, the trailer can be fully-equipped to provide self-reliance to any individual or family.   With one piece of equipment, a totally unprepared user can become equipped for any crisis event.

The BIBO Trailer is an integrated system that can't be found in any other survival trailer. It is the only trailer of its kind that is small enough to be stored in a standard residential garage yet still be strong enough to be loaded with over 2 1/2 tons of equipment and supplies. The BIBO Trailer is definitely NOT just a cargo trailer with boxes of stuff thrown in.

The BIBO Survival Trailer is extremely versatile. The DIY model allow the prepper to start with a custom shell and add options to build a perfect trailer to fit any need or any budget. For those that want the Ultimate Survival Solution, choose the fully equipped BIBO model and be prepared for any situation in one easy step.

It's better to be prepared a year too early, than a minute too late!
The Survival Trailer - A Preppers Lifeboat